Brian Laudrup

Laudrup” represents a splendid era of football in Denmark, at the same time, also the surname of two famous professional football stars. Brian Laudrup was born in Vienna, Austria on Feb. 22, 1969. As a striker, winger and midfielder, he played for many European clubs, winning numerous honor and trophies. In late 1980s, he started short playing career with Brøndby club, winning the first place of Denmark for two times. Subsequently, he became a member of German and Italian clubs consecutively.

In 1984, Laudrup began his journey at large-scale international competitions. Well-known for elegant style, range and pace of passing, creativity on football fields, he is widely regarded as a representative of his generation. Besides prominent personal ability, Laudrup often brought more joys for team mates. Sometimes, Laudrup was troubled by his injuries in his short playing career. Under his help, title of many major competitions have been grabbed by footballers pulling on Denmark football shirts.

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